Valet storage

Our Valet storage is an end-to-end storage solutions service. Instead of wasting your time traveling to and from a self-storage facility to haul, store and retrieve items, we’ll do all of that for you! All you have to do is gather up all belongings you intend to store, pack them and our team will come and pick those up from your home, based on your preferred schedule. Your items then will be transported to our safe and secured storage facility located within metro manila. Alternatively, you can also avail our Full Service Storage if you want a full crew to handle the packing and storing.

The retrieval process is also through Valet. When you’re ready to have your items back, we will deliver them right to your doorstep. No more hassle of going to the warehouse!

How does it work?

Our Valet storage service works in 4 easy steps: Contact us | Pack | Book | Store

Step 1: Contact us

You can call us at (02) 8569-0371 or 0915 267 6997, or leave us a message here with all the details about your items and preferred storage solutions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! You can also ask us for a free quote here.

Step 2: Pack

Ensure that all items are properly packed and secured. Should you need boxes or additional packing materials, you may let us know so we can provide you with the necessary items like tapes, wraps, and boxes.

Step 3: Book

Schedule your preferred date and time of pickup. You can do all these on the website. We’ll be happy to assist you with the booking process, so feel free to contact us.

Step 4: Store

Sit back, relax, and be at ease as we store away and secure your valuables in our storage facility equipped with 24/7 manned surveillance and a comprehensive CCTV system.​ On top of that, we have a customer portal available for you to utilize should you want to track or manage your inventory online. Access the portal anywhere and anytime you like, with any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device) you prefer!

How to retrieve your items?

You may book a schedule through the customer portal or call us at (02) 8569-0371 or 0915 267 6997 for your preferred date and time of retrieval. Let us know what items you’d like to be pulled out from storage and we’ll have your items delivered back to your doorstep!

What are the benefits of valet storage?

Convenient booking and reservation

Our Valet storage service cuts a considerable amount of time and effort because your belongings will be picked up and delivered at your convenience. Giving your time back for more important matters.

Supply of packing materials as needed​

Don’t have enough boxes? Lane Storage Solutions can provide the boxes you will need to secure your belongings.

Flexible plans and pricing​

Pay only for your actual space occupied! We take pride in providing flexible and transparent pricing that is fitting to every storage need.

Easy scheduling for return of all your valuables​

Track, manage, and retrieve your items in just a few clicks! Make use of our customer portal to view your inventory online and schedule the retrieval of your belongings.

What can you store using Valet?

Less than 10 cbm, about 50 boxes: personal items, office fixtures, furnitures, store inventory

Lane Storage Boxes

Our Features

Why Choose Us

Friendly and Customer service-oriented staff

Enquire and Book Online

On-demand service

Inventory Management through customer portal

Highly secured facility: 24/7 security guards, Security Alarm, CCTV, Gated compound

Clean and well-maintained facility, regular pest control and disinfection

Flood Free Area



See what our customers have to say!

Great Service! Very hands-on approach. The LSS team guided us every step of the process making the move hassle-free and easy. Highly recommended!

Process was very fast and seamless, customer service was fantastic. I had to deal with so much trouble with other similar companies and I finally found one that is reliable!

These guys literally made my life lighter. Now, my stuff that still spark joy are all sitting preatty in a safe place. Lane Storage Solutions – you guys know what you are doing! Highly recommended!

Great service, they proactively guided us throughout the process, making it dead simple. It was a no headaches, stress free transaction, very professional, highly recommended.

I appreciate the help and service that they have, especially that we are currently living in uncertain times. They have offered a great price to me for a place to tuck away my store’s commodities, making it a lot easier to deal with re-opening in the future!

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