Knowing The Difference Between Self-Storage and On-Demand or Valet Storage

cess | December 7, 2020

Getting yourself a proper storage space or system has become more important now than ever because it makes everything look neat and organized. Besides that, decluttering also saves you much time and effort to figure out whether or not you’ve misplaced or lost something.  But before getting a...

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Packing and Storing 101: Expert Hacks to Save Money, Time, and Space

Lane Storage | November 11, 2020

Putting stuff away can be an overwhelming and challenging task—we get it. Helping you with this is where we come in. How do you even begin putting your life into boxes? When the need arises for you to get storage space, what could possibly be the smartest and most efficient way to go about...

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What Fits Inside One Cubic Meter (1 CBM)?

Lane Storage | October 9, 2020

We’re telling you, it’s way more than you think. When you take a look at what storage solution providers offer, the minimum size they’ll have on deck for you to rent out is usually one cubic meter (1 CBM). That’s a helpful detail to know, but we’re sure this question has come across your...

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