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Find your ideal
storage solution.

Our flexible plans give you room to figure things out along the way. Pay only for what you use, when you use it.

How It Works

Use our space to maximize yours.


Talk to us

We will conduct a ‘needs analysis’/briefing call to understand your unique requirements. Based on this, we can calculate and estimate the volume that you need. Once we have all the details, we will send you a proposal which you can sign electronically.


Book a reservation

After signing the proposal, you can now book your preferred pick-up date and send us an inventory list with pictures of the items that we will collect.


Pack your things

We recommend taking pictures of the items that you’ll be storing with us. You can also buy boxes from us for an affordable price–tell us and we will deliver the boxes right to your doorstep. Let us know if you need help packing.


Pick up and store

Our team will coordinate with you about the pick up of your items. You do not have to pay anything at this point. Afterwards, we will send you an initial confirmation that we received your items at our facility.


Pay for only the space you consumed

You will only get charged for the actual space your items have occupied. We will send you the invoice once we receive the completion report from our warehouse specialist. This is payable within seven (7) days.


Retrieval and delivery

When you need your items back, notify us at least 48 hours before your preferred date, and we will be happy to deliver it back to you. Pretty convenient, right?


Relax and smile!

From start to finish, it’s our mission to provide you with a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Our Features

Why Choose Us

Friendly and Customer service-oriented staff

Enquire and Book Online

On-demand service

Inventory Management through customer portal

Highly secured facility: 24/7 security guards, Security Alarm, CCTV, Gated compound

Clean and well-maintained facility, regular pest control and disinfection

Flood Free Area



See what our customers have to say!

Great Service! Very hands-on approach. The LSS team guided us every step of the process making the move hassle-free and easy. Highly recommended!

Process was very fast and seamless, customer service was fantastic. I had to deal with so much trouble with other similar companies and I finally found one that is reliable!

These guys literally made my life lighter. Now, my stuff that still spark joy are all sitting preatty in a safe place. Lane Storage Solutions – you guys know what you are doing! Highly recommended!

Great service, they proactively guided us throughout the process, making it dead simple. It was a no headaches, stress free transaction, very professional, highly recommended.

I appreciate the help and service that they have, especially that we are currently living in uncertain times. They have offered a great price to me for a place to tuck away my store’s commodities, making it a lot easier to deal with re-opening in the future!

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Storage 101
What cleaning personality type are you?
Kindly answer the 5 questions below to see the result.
Multiple Choices, you can select one or more answer.
1. What does your room look like?
It's full with things I cherish
I’ve been meaning to clean it
Zero clutter!
It has empty boxes of latest shoes or gadgets I just bought
Every room of the house is full of stuff
Everything matches and nothing is out of place
I don’t really care, what it looks like.
2. What does your desk look like?
What desk?
Spotless and everything are in place and organized
Filthy. Everything is in there including the kitchen sink
Only has the things I need for the day
Filled with gadgets and stuff I bought online, like that laptop stand and that Funko pop
No dust, stains or clutter anywhere
It’s embarrassing, but it has piles of mail, paper, but I’ll clean it later
3. What does your closet look like?
I have a bit of laundry that needs done to be honest
Organized, work clothes, home clothes and all other clothes depending on season and weather are put in proper storage places
All neatly folded and fresh from laundry!
Piles of clothes, some still in packages and shoes by the cabinet. Wardrobes full to the brink with more clothes than anyone could possibly wear
Not much clothes, only the basic and necessary are inside my closet
I still have jeans from high school, my goal is to fit in those jeans this year
Clothes are all mixed up, sock and undies are in a cabinet somewhere, but I get what I need when I need it
4. What does your kitchen look like?
No dirty washing or dishes out
I promise to clean those dishes from breakfast, later, together with the lunch dishes
No time to clean, because I have lots of things to do.
Clean as you go mentality so things don’t build up
I keep all the take-out plastic containers and ice cream tubs because I can still use them for something later
Everything is kept in its own designated drawers
All I need to cook and wash the dishes are all in the kitchen, I can do the cleaning and cleaning when I need to
5. What does your “sala” or living room look like?
It's alright, there’s a couch and a TV. It’ll do
Everything matches and nothing is out of place, just like my room
The living room is also the storage room. Its full of stuff
Not much furniture, only the necessities
Like my room, some of my shoes, clothes and other stuff are in there
Spotless! Zero Clutter
There’s clutter yeah but it’s not filthy
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